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Why Accountancy Is A Great Major For Young Students


There's a common misconception among young people that accounting is all number crunching and nothing else. They believe that accountancy involves filling in spreadsheets and making sure the numbers on either side balance up. Well, this is nothing more than a fairy-tale. In fact, accountancy offers one of the most rewarding career paths available to young graduates, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction. Below are the top four reasons you should consider a career in accountancy: 

A Gateway to a Successful Business Career

There's no doubt about it, accounting is the main language spoken in boardrooms and business meetings. Accountancy isn't only concerned about making the numbers balance; it's about understanding how a business is performing and how to adjust accordingly. 

This means that a degree in accounting won't restrict you to number-crunching and filling out spreadsheets. On the contrary, majoring in accounting can propel you into the world of business and give you a head start among your peers. There have been a number of changes in the business world in recent years: increased regulation, tax law changes, globalization and the sad truth of economic downturn. A degree in accountancy equips you with the tools and skill set necessary to tackle these issues head-on, whilst maintaining a savvy business sense and an eye for finances. 

Stability in an Unstable World

Every business will always need an accountant. Whether the economic climate is rife with entrepreneurship or down with austerity, accountants will always have a job. 

In the midst of violent economic fluctuations, many professions suffer. Accountancy, however, is one of the few professions that continues to flourish regardless of the circumstances. It is a necessity in business, and is one that won't be going away any time soon. 

A career in accounting services can offer you the chance to shoot for the stars, with the comfort of a massive security blanket should you fall. For fresh graduates with recent majors in accountancy, the world is bursting with opportunity. 

A World of Opportunities

As an accountant, you definitely won't become bored with routine work. The job opportunities are vast: tax, insurance, business law, financial analysis and risk are all vibrant sectors that require highly skilled graduates to excel within. 

Additionally, your work pattern doesn't have to become stagnant if you don't want it to. Hate the idea of working a 9-5? That's fine; with a few years experience you can work freelance and choose your own shifts. Consultancy is a major part of an accountant's career, and this gives you the chance to choose your own daily routine to suit your lifestyle. 

Regardless of which route you choose, your services will always be in demand. As businesses grow and fresh business start, the opportunities at your fingertips will continue to blossom and offer you an exciting and rewarding career in whichever sector you choose. 

Money Talks

As a recent college or university graduate, your top concern will likely be your starting salary. Well, accountancy is one of the best majors to opt for if you want to pay off your student debt in a relatively short time. 

Within accountancy, you won't just be dealing with large sums of money - you'll be earning it. As a fresh graduate out of college or university, you can hope to be earning between $35,000 and $75,000 depending on which company you work for. The accountancy 'majors' will obviously offer the highest salaries; however, working for a small independent firm also has its merits.

These smaller companies can offer you a high degree of autonomy and experience that you may not gain in a major multinational company. The more experience you have, the more money you'll make - it's simple. Therefore, try to think where you want to be in five year's time and plan your route accordingly. 

The above list is not extensive - there are a vast number of reasons you should choose a career in accountancy. The reasons above should be enough to wet your beak however, so get out there and talk to some colleges and universities to find out more about what's on offer! 


4 November 2014